Isolated Application

While setting up a new Master 40Gb HDD on one of my computers (not the one I am on now)and after loading the latest versions of Comodo Firewall & AVG from Filehippo I proceeded to download SpybotSD.
In the process of which I inadvertently hit and applied ‘Isolated Application’ instead of ‘Trusted’ not realizing that I was to become the ‘Isolated Application’.
There is now no application or process on the computer to which I have access or permissions including Comodo Firewall.
“Windows cannot access the specified device,path or file.You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item”
If there is an easy fix out there this frustrated traveller through the rocky valley of life would like to hear of it.
My thanks in anticipation.

Hello ccmac, Welcome to the forums!

Try rebooting your computer in Safe mode (Tap F8 repeatedly while the pc is booting)
Then see if you can open comodo and go to defense+

Comodo → Defense+ → Advanced → My security policy →

And remember to click Apply

Edit: SpybotSD is past it’s prime and not considered that good anymore…

This might be of interest to you;

List of Free AntiMalware programs

It’s seems many feel that way but they do update and upgrade frequently. It also has a number of tools in advanced mode that are useful.

:■■■■. Thank 'e kindly Sir Kyle. 'twas explorer was in the isolation ward. Nae wunner a’thing went a’gley.
As to spybot, well, better the devil you know eh? and it’s never used in isolation anyway(sorry).
Again thank you.


You’re welcome! even though I only understood half of that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never completely understood isolated or limited applications. Does anyone have any examples on how they would be used?

Hey, Basically you would use this on a very suspicious action that you suspect the executable is malware.

For more information on the modes try this;

Comodo → Defense+ → Advanced → Predefined Security Policy → Click on your rule → edit → Access Rights.