Isobuster detection fails for old version 0.99

CVA - database 1.9

CVA does detect an update for Isobuster 2.2 → 2.4 but on my other laptop it doesn’t detect Isobuster 0.99 and so doesn’t suggest an update for it to version 2.4.


CVA only seems to scan applications that are installed. Or it’s because not all applications are in its database.
IsoBuster 0.99 doesn’t require any installation, so that’s probably why. I tried this with an older version of IceSword to test my theory, and it wasn’t detected either.


Then the scan policy is different from the psi from secunia that one scan’s exe, dll, ocx by default on “all” locations not only on “installer” installed progs… is this going to be there in a next release ?

Hi Guys,
We just don’t have identification of Isobuster 0.99 while we have for other higher versions.
It’s a very-very old version, like you said doesn’t even require installation, just a plain executable will do.

We are trying to cover as many as possible older versions. In next release we plan to provide feature where users can recommend what other software and versions to be added.

We will shortly cover older versions of it.


Hi Umesh,

Nice to hear, does that come with the “detection list” ? so you can see what CVA found ?
And we can match it then with what it’s missing ?

Keep up the great work (R)

Hi Ronny,
Feature will inform as what all products in the system CVA doesn’t recognize and will prompt you to upload that information to Comodo.