Isn't CIS free anymore?

I just had a pop up, that i have to buy CIS. If i look into the “?” section, there is a link to enter some licence key. Version is Did i get the wrong version?! :-\

You have the correct version :wink:
and do not feel sad… Comodo Internet Security Premium is FREE :-TU

Ok, that’s good. So it won’t expire in a couple of days. Thank you!

It will never expire do not worry.
Can you please check again? Click the “?” button on right-top corner, then click “About”…
Please tell me that are you using “COMODO Internet Security Premium” ?

I had indeed the wrong version. By the way, reinstalling CIS is a big pain! First, we get some almost malware, called Geek Buddy, which you have to pay for. Why can’t we opt out during the install? Also, autosandboxing is a big, big annoyance. PLEASE, developers, make an option to leave that stuff out, or activate it later, if someone actually wants that program stopper! Half of my start up items is broken, thanks to that Sandbox. And you can get no hint whatsoever, what is actually sandboxed, and therefore broken.

It’s too frustrating! :-[

Please report your sandboxed softwares .exe and .dll files to whitelisting them. They will mark the file as “Clean” on Comodo cloud. So those files will not be sandboxed and you will help the community :slight_smile:
Please put those files in an archive and give it to experts here:

and if you do not want to use sandbox (most powerful side of CIS), you can close it on settings. Just disable it forever if you will be happy.
It may put your PC into risks!!

Geek Buddy costs nothing unless one uses the service.

Hi abr,
You can deselect GeekBuddy during installation via the customize installation options.
Customizing Installation-Comodo Help

Kind regards.