Is your Computer secured (Malware Links Removed)

ND4x is a very dangerous virus, as it keeps on shutting down your computer each time you start it. There is no way to remove it except formatting your computer. Download the virus, but don’t start it on your computer. You can start it to see the effect ! Most of anti-virus will not detect ND4x as a virus ! Downloading the virus is completely safe, just starting it by double click is very dangerous.

I Tested this with CIS 5.5.195786.1383 def 9362 CIS sandboxed it and prevented the computer from any harm cheers comodo

where as Tested it with others which could not detect and caused damage to the computer such as

AhnLab-V3 -
AntiVir -
Avast -
Prevx 3.0

download link
Link removed by moderator. Please do not post links to malware or suspected malware.

NOTE:- this virus is not created by me or i mean no harm to anyone downloading it i just found it on the internet and wanted all to be aware and wanted to give my reviews

virus site
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Note all software were with the latest virus defination 12 july 2011 and were the latest version on their respective website
No offence to any product desciribed or used for test just an personal review

Google nd4x.exe for more info
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Valkyrie said that’s safe


If you think it is safe and want to test your suite download and run its just 21 kb test for your self

I’m sure that’s a real malware.
I’m only pointing that valkyrie is wrong sometimes, sadly.

Thanks morphiusz

i hope you didnt meant what you wrote.

sorry and thanks for letting me know my mistake :smiley:
cheers comodo

i found one blog, which contains exact most of your words… even the ones about “putting it on another computer”. and one social network entry about this “virus”.
the blog was from july 3.

my question is this: why is a random someone in the internet the only one who knows about a “bloodiest virus”? did it hit only him? did he wrote it?

also suspicious is this: its most likely not a text as a description. its a text that encourages to get the effect. the whole story might be engineering. maybe its a file that does no FATAL harm, and the user thinks, LOL. but in reallity a backdoor is opened, or a keylogger installed.
what i saw here is like it could look like, if this was the intention.
test the BLOoDY ONE.

you may be right clockwork but i executed the file with each of the above softwares and the computer just shuts down with few seconds and then it wont start
but before i ran the tests i just created a system restore point and then executed the virus with each antivirus one at a time this was very time consuming as you may know which took me entire day
In order to get back the windows working i had to reboot in safe mode and just use windows restore function and just restore to restore point created before the execution of the file
but i must say no one except comodo blocked the harm by sandboxing it sad to say comodo could not detect the file hope the do it soon i just want to state that comodo is superior to others in its own wayeven to unknown and zero day virus and malwares
and yes the file is a real malware or virus file for those who dont belive me can download and run to test their antivirus using the above mentioned steps

To download google ND4X.exe

I am not responsible for any harm caused to your pc
so better be on a safe side unless you know what you are doing

respect for your work :smiley:

but it doesnt help normal people to know a name of a file. tomorrow it can be “media player add on”. so it doesnt help anyone to know where to load it. (samples are not usefull for unprepared audiences).
what helps is the info, that comodo seems to be able to block it (what doesnt mean that it should be tested by users). what also helps is, when the antivirus programmers get the file. its easier than to install each suite, and reinstall the operating system :wink: , and in the end it has more effect.

btw, does a restore point restore the master boot record?

is a windows restore point safe? i would not trust my computer if i had load a virus and simply restored a windows restore point.

nice thread love.

if you like testing WMware player then comodo time machine 2.9 beta cold be something; I am saying this because its better than microsofts’ restore point.

Valentin N

why should we try and use (aka buy) it?
and if you would NOT think, it secures our computers, should we avoid it then?

by the way: have you actually read the opening post? did you read the name kaspersky among those who DIDNT protect? in this particular user test (at least as far as described) comodo did a good job.
and you come to make the first post in this forum and suggest kaspersky in this topic.
funny and ironic :smiley:

You forgot to mention the only AV that did detect it. [July 12, 2011] VT - BitDefender (GData and F-Secure also detected the file thanks to the BD engine.)

[July 16, 2011] VT - Ahnlab, BitDefender, Comodo, Emsisoft, eSafe, Ikarus, Mcafee, Panda

hope fully next time i will test and try these as well thanks