Is Windows 10 the new Windows ME?

I quite agree. When somebody describes an OS as ‘garbage’ it probably says more about them than it does about the OS.

In my experience the old adage of ‘never install a Windows driver update’ no longer holds true. In fact many of the issues people have come across have been because they manually installed drivers, once they did a reinstall and let Windows update install drivers everything worked just fine.

I do still believe that it is folly to ‘upgrade’ an existing OS, whether that be 7, 8.1, or an earlier release of 10. An upgrade in place, keeping existing applications, is always a bit of a risk. It’s far better to perform a clean install every time, that’s how I originally installed Windows 10 (on an 8.1 system) and how I’ve installed the two upgrades since then.

I suspect that a lot of the reported problems are because people take the easy route and upgrade in place and also because they then don’t take the time to learn the changes to the UI and how to configure the system to their liking.

When all that’s said, Windows 10 is not going to please everybody. Indeed, Windows doesn’t please everybody which is why Linux is so popular. If Windows 10 isn’t to your liking then run something else. Do try to remember however, that just because you don’t like it, or can’t get on with it, that doesn’t make it garbage. After all, there’s a whole bunch of people running Windows 10 with zero issues at all - myself included. Perhaps we know something you don’t?

Or not as the case may be ;D >:-D

Maybe it’s just me but I find Windows 10 settings all over the place (well, 2 places really). Why? Either keep things simply and stick with the control panel (obvious choice as users are familiar with this) or put them all into the new settings area (not both). As for appearance, talk about flat and boring. No artist design what so ever (anyone could have done a better job). Unfortunately, KDE have gone down this route and I blame Apple for this >:-D. I know this is personal taste but I like a colourful OS and find Windows 10 default theme depressing.


It seems that it’s a crime to state a negative opinion of Windows 10 without explicitly stating that it’s an opinion. When I said, “Windows 10 is great” there was no mod correction that that was just my opinion.

I’ve seen a couple of other complaints that I forgot to mention, one being the update issues. They no longer tell you what the updates do and disabling them is no longer a simple process of right clicking and hiding. Now you have to download a special utility to do that. I guess if I knew what the fans knew I might think that that’s great. The other issue is the settings being in two places. They seem to be moving them over little by little, but it’s still not done and it just makes it harder to use.

The fact of the matter is I am able to use Windows 7 and even Windows 8 without all of these problems. If it were a problem of me not knowing what I’m doing that shouldn’t be possible. I really gave 10 a chance. I ran it for three months and worked to make it how I like and even tolerated multiple daily crashes because I knew that would be sorted out eventually. In the end it was the lack of user choice that made me revert. Every new build would break third party themes and Microsoft kept taking away more and more options. It’s why I stopped using Firefox, too. Maybe the fans like not having as many choices; I don’t.

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Dear All,

I am humbled by all your replies!

But, honestly, how can anyone say that there are no real problems with Windows 10.

The Anniversary Edition came out August 2nd 2016. Within a few days, there was a Cumulative Fix.

Lo and behold, this has been followed by another two cumulative fixes within one month of launch.


The problem that I cannot countenance is that, you, as all knowing souls, can put everything to rights, with this Windows 10.

But, how does the average user, or Uncle Tom Cobley and all, just update their computer. They are not interested in reinstalling.
Do they know how?
And, quite honestly, why should they?

This operating system is supposedly all wonderful, everyone can update from Windows7, 8, 8.1. This is part of the Microsoft splurge.

What, I am saying is that it really is a load of Rubbish!

Anybody may have a system that works just fine. Good for you. I am pleased for you!
But, if you have had problems and trawl the net, you will find that numerous others have exactly the same problem, and the remedies do not always work.

I have had to use procedures that the ‘usual’ user would never contemplate, and why should they?

So, get real, Windows 10 is certainly not the Bee’s Knees.

In fact, I still feel Windows 10 is a ‘Pile of Rubbish’.

And, anybody who says’ Use another operating system!’ Plebic idiocy!


Another thing that annoyed me about Windows 10 was whether an app was installed or just a link to the app store (can’t remember named apps but may have been the games). Maybe this has changed with the latest update(s) but it wasn’t obvious at the time. The fact that it was free and bundled with (or linked) to Candy Crush and Minecraft says it all really. As you can tell, I’m not a fan of Windows 10 (long live XP ;D ). So glad I made the move to Ubuntu.


Hi Peroulades,
Did anyone say there is no problems with Windows 10?
No different than any other IMO (They all have problems), but I will say issues caused by Windows 10 is of the minority.

Trawl the net and find the exact same issues, that is because any issue for any product (MS or other) is always shouted the loudest.
Remember some (not all by any means) issues are just fabrication of MS haters or critics that have read about it elsewhere (Copy/Paste), so viewing the number of sites containing issues is no real judge of the quantity.
Cumulative fixes just means one thing, ‘progress’!

Nothing is perfect.
Even the smartest person in the world will not be a suitable friend for everyone, they will also have upgrades to their knowledge daily and the odd trip to a Doctor to fix a bug or two.
It doesn’t mean they are a pile of rubbish.

While we are living creatures, progression will survive.


I agree 100%. Hardware is evolving and the OS evolves with it. One only has to look at the fuss and bother required to run Windows 7 on Skylake CPUs to see that, so not all hardware will be 100% Windows 10 compatible. In addition, and I really don’t know how to say this nicely, in my experience an overwhelming percentage of problems are caused by user missoperation. The user of course blames Microsoft and claims their software is garbage.

I’ve had Windows 10 installed since almost the original RTM date. I’ve never had a BSOD, nor one with updates, nor even with the two upgrades. What niggly issues I have had have been quickly sorted by spending a bit of time learning how the new settings UI operates.

At first I was a bit hesitant with Windows 10, and this is from someone coming from Windows 8.1 (though with a third-party start menu system) but now I’ve got used to it I’m more than happy. The Anniversary Upgrade is a big step forward IMO.

Is it perfect? No, not by a long shot. For example there are still too many settings that you have to go into the Control Panel to change and there are several UI changes I’d love to see (like a customisable right-click on Start menu) but overall Windows 10 is pretty good. When you consider that for those of us who were early adopters it was free, you really don’t have too much to complain about.

I’ve used quite a few forms of Linux in the past, but found the wi-fi totally unusable at that time. Perhaps this has changed. The great thing was that Linux in all it’s various forms was great for old systems with small amounts of RAM. 256M systems were impossible with XP but worked really well with the various forms of Linux.

@ubuysa and captainsticks
I’m not a Windows hater!

In fact, I bought a Tablet with Windows because I wanted more control.

That doesn’t mitigate Windows issuing 3 Cumulative updates within a month of launch of the Anniversary Update of Windows 10.
Yes, but why was that Upgrade put out in such a state?

I am also sorry that you cannot appreciate that people really do have problems with Windows 10, and so with your forthright views, you may well be nothing other than Windows fanboys. I hope not!

The problem that you both have is that you may have knowledge that perhaps the majority of users do not have and therefore perceive some problems as insignificant.

This has been my point from the start, that people should not have to jump through hoops to have a system that works.

And Windows 10 has been far worse than any other Windows system. I never had many problems with windows 8 and 8.1 in comparison.

Virtually everybody on this forum may have the knowledge to get around problems.

Microsoft have advocated and pushed upgrading to Windows 10 from 7, 8, and 8.1, from the inception of Windows 10.

So, basically, you are both saying, that anybody that upgrades and has problems, then it is their fault, because they may have inadvertently done something wrong, through ignorance?
Get real!

In fact, the upgrade usually doesn’t work because Windows 10 upgrade cannot cope with certain situations.

If you really think that people post problems on the Net just to rubbish Microsoft…
Who are you, Microsoft employees ? …or Lunatics?


Hi Peroulades,
Telemetry results appear to analysed efficiently in Windows 10 resulting in faster updates, this is only a good thing not a bad thing.

I do appreciate that some users have had issues which is unfortunate, but we also have to appreciate the number of system variables Windows 10 is being installed on.
There are more system variables now than ever.
If you are having particular issues, let us try to help resolve them.

I don’t regard myself as a MS fanboy and I am not an employee of MS.
I am someone that uses MS products and have been fortunate enough to have found their software reliable and secure.
As far as whether or not I am a lunatic, I will ask my wife for some clarification. :wink:


Telemetry results appear to analysed efficiently in Windows 10 resulting in faster updates, this is only a good thing not a bad thing.

I do appreciate that some users have had issues which is unfortunate, but we also have to appreciate the number of system variables Windows 10 is being installed on.
There are more system variables now than ever.
If you are having particular issues, let us try to help resolve them.

I don’t regard myself as a MS fanboy and I am not an employee of MS.
I am someone that uses MS products and have been fortunate enough to have found their software reliable and secure.
As far as whether or not I am a lunatic, I will ask my wife for some clarification. :wink:

Regarding faster updates:
I have fibre so my speeds are wonderful (37 Mbps), but many at 2 Mbps ( or my sister at less than 1 Mbps) have real difficulties in updating, especially when MS insist on re-installing a new updated version of a Windows 10, half yearly.
Then, there are all the cumulative updates, that even on a very quick processor seem to take an age.
Local businesses around here are tearing their hair out, because of the constant updates.

As for lunatic:
Perhaps, I was referring to the other respondent who seemed to have a conspiracy theory.

I have three machines.

One, a Lenovo Tablet that’s 32 Bit and has had very few problems with Windows 10. Except the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. MS provided a very nice front end that checked your PC for issues before the update.
Not enough disk space …
Did it allow or consider ancillary disks? …NO
I had to download the Windows Media Creation Tool and do it that way.
Would the average user consider that?

Another, a Surface Pro 2, a MS product that appears to to be worse than any other 3rd Party Hardware. Problems, problems, problems …

The third, from Chillblast, … once past start up it’s okay, but try doing anything before it has got set, you may be looking at a hard start.

Three systems with virtually the same software.

Telemetry Results:
Are we talking Formula One here?
Faster updates for the average punter is very good, as the unaware will still be unaware that they have been updated and therefore less prone to attack. (Do they care?)
However, small businesses are being subjected to constant updates, that may cause issues with their business needs.

I wouldn’t go conferring with your wife. The result may be devastating… :slight_smile:

Hi Peroulades,
In regards to faster updates, I meant faster releases to solve issues found from collected results not quicker downloads.

Cumulative updates are to help stability and security and maybe even some added functionality, businesses should be able to defer updates when necessary.

Windows 10 is like everything else in the world, it is not perfect and never will be.
It will never be suited to ever user and unfortunately issues will occur for some, but IMO it will improve over time.

Lunatic: I know what my wife would say, without asking. :slight_smile:

Kind regards.

Nothing is ever perfect, we all make the improvements that we think that should be made. (Or at least try).

As for Windows 10 being the new sparkly ME, I would have to disagree. The Passion and ‘Originality’ has been since lost.
I feel like MS should have sticked with XP and XP x64 and worked on them. However, New Technology and better Infrastructure comes out every minute and so we must all adapt. MS adapted to the best of their ability however your opinion may differ on their direction. Windows 7 is still supported, and XP is still stable enough to be on some of these systems that we have today(with major registry edits, and driver configurations). It’s up to you to decide which OS you want. I personally will probably never use Windows 10, I am on XP and Win7 and Arc Linux. I don’t see my self moving any higher in the development stages than that.

I believe that it will get better. I am rather surprised that MS have made it this far and being rather successful at it, even though they are slowly but surely loosing market share.


Hi captainsticks,

I can only say that your wife is a very astute lady…

Surface Pro 2 Issues
Cumulative updates were failing on many machines prior to the Anniversary Update, including our Surface Pro 2.
Four months without a Cumulative Update.
Single updates were working fine.
System Restore would not work.
Reset and keeping data would not work.
Lose the will to live didn’t work, thank goodness!

So far, Cumulative Updates are working.
I have not tried System Restore or Reset

But, … Hang on a minute, how any times have I needed to do a System Restore in the past?

Over 20 years, less than twenty…
And a full system recreation…ONCE!

Now, MS are advocating a Reset in all sorts of scenarios and error diagnosis documentation.

We ARE going forward in Technology, aren’t we?

Another question is ‘Why are we getting these issues with Windows 10?’
They were not there with Windows 8 or 8.1

Since the software is the same on all our machines, it can only be driver and hardware issues with Windows 10.

To me, Windows 10 looks great and yes 16 years ago, Windows ME looked great, both with the sophistication of their times!
Both work(ed) well until you had a problem!

Hence, the topic.

Apologies to those who I may have been rude to, but I think this topic may have run its course.