Is Windows 10 the new Windows ME?

Many on this board will not have an inkling about Windows ME. The Millennium and a brave new world for Windows…???
An absolute disaster!

Fortunately XP came along and after teething troubles, the majority of the masses gave it the thumbs up. Quite right too!
Viata and 7 were variants of XP.
Then came Windows 8 and 8.1 to corner the tablet and phone market, closely followed by Windows 10.
A Windows 10 that tries to dictate and many drivers other than Microsoft fail to comply. Oh dear, what a shame!
So we have many irate users of Windows 10 wishing they had bought the Ipads etc.

I have had PC’s since 2000 and I have never had the problems (and mostly unsolvable without re-installation of the operating system!) that emanate from this operating system.

In my opinion it is a pile of ■■■■!

Security and Privacy are also big issues.

Personally I would prefer Windows ME on today’s technology.

Windows 10 x64 is probably the best OS I’ve used to date.

iPad’s? Do your Windows 10 views need to be qualified with “on a tablet” or something? ???

Please qualify because from an update without problems point of view it is a disaster and this is borne out by so many queries on the Web. Nobody should need to be worrying about update problems.
I have 2 x64 and 1 32 bit. The 32 bit cheapo is less problematic than the 2 64 bit, one of which is a Surface Pro 2. One would have thought that this would be the easiest. Think again.

And has COMODO helped by not having it’s drivers signed by Microsoft?

Speak English please. But tablets are nothing to me, just an observation as I doubt any ‘tablet’ person would bother with Windows 10

And quite honestly I find your reply confrontational, I expected debate not a TROLL

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Kail is anything but a troll!
He is speaking English. If you don’t understand it, get a dictionary!
You do not want to be disrespectful to him…

I see… if you’re going to react like that (eg. TROLL) to any opposing views, then I suspect you might have trouble finding the debate you seek.

Hi Peroulades,
I can’t see why you would want to be disrespectful to Kail or MS and being disrespectful to either is not recommended.

I am running Windows 10 on numerous systems, including an early 2006 system designed for XP with no issues worth mentioning.
In actual fact, the 2006 system is running better/faster now than it ever has.

If you have a specific issue with Windows 10, maybe we can help if you calm down and describe the issue.

Topic title:
“Is Windows 10 the new Windows ME?”
There is no comparison, except for the Windows name and anyone that has been around long enough to have experienced both would know this.

Thank you.

@Peroulades, Why the anger? You’re entitled to your opinion that Windows 10 is ■■■■ but you must also accept that a great many other people, myself included, do not agree with you.

I have never had any of the issues you seem to be complaining of with Windows 10. I’ve had it installed almost since the first offering of the free RTM, so there have been two upgrades since then (the most recent being the Anniversary Upgrade). Just for the record I’ve been using Windows since day 1, and MSDOS before that, and CP/M before that, and systems with no OS at all before that…

My father used to tell me that a bad workman always blames his tools.

How is security a big issue? Windows 10 is by far the most secure version of Windows, and increasingly so. Privacy is an issue, though.

… big issues compared to what? Security in which sense?


Virtually, all these posts are disrespectful. The Cronies have come out in force.

I do own a dictionary, thank you, and I’m probably as conversant with the English language as you, Mr Buchaneer.

Thank you and Goodnight.

Personally, I just installed the Windows version 10 Pro v.1607. upgrade 14393.62
Which replaces the 1511 release.
Clean install SSD
Very good system operator

For driver problems

For information:

I experienced a problem installing old hardware in Microsoft Windows 10 where I couldn’t find compatible drivers for a network card. I came across some community drivers on a website, but when I tried to install them, I received an error.
Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device.
Windows found driver software for your device but encoutered an error while attempting to install it.
The hash for the file is not present in the specified catalog file. The file is likely corrupt or the victim of tampering.

To solve this problem, I had to disable Device Driver Signing. Here’s how it’s done in Windows 10.

Command to Enable or Disable
1.Click the “Start” button.
2.Type “command“.
3.Right-click on “Command Prompt” and select “Run As Administrator“.
4.Do one of the following:
• To disable device driver signing, type “BCDEDIT /set nointegritychecks ON” then press “Enter“
• To enable device driver signing, type “BCDEDIT /set nointegritychecks OFF” then press “Enter“

You’re done! The Device Driver setting is now modified.

nb: BIOS UEFI Secure Boot = to stop

Thank you ZorKas for your help.

I too have seen all this on the net and this is where I say that Windows 10 is the most un-user friendly operating system

People who bought Windows 8 and 8.1 sytems a couple of years ago should not be having problems with ‘old’ drivers.

Old Windows 7 sysstems I could understand.

The average user just wants to use his/her system without problems and should expect it to be updated regularly. They do not want to have to surf the net for ‘expert’ opinions on what has gone wrong.

I have been using Windows since for 20 years and I have never known so many problems with updates for an operating system.

Perhaps it’s the enhanced security(!!!) No need for COMODO now. Tongue in cheek!

That’s if you can reinstall it??? … without going through…

Anyway, thank tou for your reply without vitriol.

Regards, Peter

Aside from the blue screen crashes, dropped video card after every restart, random network connection dropping, the generally flat and ugly user interface, and privacy violating stuff you can’t turn off, Windows 10 is great.

While security is arguable… again… privacy compared to what? I’m assuming that we’re talking about Windows XP, Windows 7 but when you compare it to Apple, Google, Amazon it’s not that far off. Choice enforcement doesn’t look new. If we blame one then we should blame majority. :slight_smile:

Hi Cassette,

  1. In regards to blue screen and graphic issues, try running the compatibility troubleshooter on the graphics drivers.
    Also check Windows event logs to see if it can shed some light on the cause.

  2. Network connection issues, once again check Windows event logs.

  3. The GUI can be customised.

  4. In regards to the privacy issues, I have yet to see any hard evidence that Windows 10 is much different than any other version.
    Windows 10 is more transparent in regards to privacy, with numerous available data sending options which can be enabled/disabled.
    Do not post links about Windows 10 privacy concerns as I am not naive enough to believe hearsay.


I never could track down the cause of the issues. It was an old build that had the graphics issues that went away with a newer build, but the random network connections was the tradeoff. Upon going back the network issues went away, but the graphics issues returned. It all may have been fixed by now, but I’ve gone back to an operating system that works without the need to troubleshoot issue after issue. Windows 10 is garbage in my opinion.
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My answer on this is yes.
After being happy and promoting windows 10 from the first version to version 1511 . Ive lost hope now with 1607. The nightmare of getting the update does. MS wsus not seeding upgrades to client pc’s and general crashes that was not in the previous releases , it looks like downhill with them now.

Whatever product including software/operating system upgrades, there will always be a minority having issues or pure and simply just don’t like it for one reason or another.
Critics and/or users experiencing issues will always be heard.

There is the crux of the matter (bolded part) there will always be some computers that will have problems with updates, with Windows 10 you have absolutely no choice.

Microsoft knows best attitude

Privacy issues can always be worked out, but with Windows 10 updates absolutely no choice, if it destroys your computer to bad.

I had no problems with Windows Me five years, and now Windows Vista both on desktop computers, but I had control not Microsoft if a driver update causes a problem I always installed from source ie:- Nvidia.


Hi Dennis,
I am using 3 Nvidia cards on 3 different systems.
I manually run/install the latest drivers from here and MS updates do not try to update or change any of them.

Windows 10 updates work similar now to some other operating systems out there.

Maybe I am one of the lucky ones along with the majority of other users.

Kind regards.
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