Is Virtual Kiosk = Sandbox = Defense+ ?

Sorry for this newbie question.
I read now a while on comodo help pages but did not found appropriate answers:

Is Virtual Kiosk = Comodo Sandbox = Defense+?

I could imagine that Virtual Kisok is only ONE (of many possible) application which uses the Comodo sandbox technique. In other words: Can I run an application OUTSIDE of VIRTUAL KIOSK but inside the Comodo sandbox?

When I entered Kiosk Mode I cannot find my Firefox any more.
Is it not possible to run Firefox in Kiosk Mode or do I have to define this somewhere?

Whats the difference to Defense+?

Thank you

Im assuming your using v6, many things changed in v6 with defense +

Defense + is a separate module then the sandbox. Defense + is a HIPS. Virtual kiosk is an isolated environment and anything run in the virtual kiosk will be sandboxed. the virtual kiosk and comodo sandbox use the same sandbox.

Almost anything should be able to run in the virtual kiosk/sandbox. you can run firefox in the sandbox by going to tasks → sandbox tasks → run virtual