Is Virtual Desktop separated from other virtualized processes?

I’m wondering something, is Virtual Desktop physically separated from the rest of virtualized processes or do they all run in the same shared virtualized space?

I’m asking this because if you’re doing online banking in Virtual Desktop and you run some malware that gets sandboxed, wouldn’t it be able to steal info from within the shared virtualized space? It got me wondering after Comodo devs mentioned how CCAV is using per-app virtualization and CIS isn’t. Would like to know how this is handled within CIS…

Common sense would be to run Virtual Desktop in its very own virtualized space entirely separated from everything else, right?

Hi Sheepolina,
I think the following wish covers what you are asking for, unfortunately it is yet to eventuate. :frowning:
Add Ability To Create Multiple Sboxes For Running Apps Fully Virtualized [M493]

Kind regards.