Is vipre antivirus compitable with comodo firewall

I have vipre antivirus is comodo compitable with it.
do i hv to disable anything or not.

Hey and warm welcome.

it is but only if the HIPS component i Viper is switched off.

Valentin N

can u tell me how to switch off vipre hips

do i need to switch of comodo d+

It depends what you want. If you want Viper’s HIPS then D+ must be turned off if you don’t want unknown problems otherwise the other way around.

try to see in settings if there is HIPS is somewhere. I have never used Viper so I don’t really know.

Have fun with exploring :slight_smile:

Valentin N

can u pls suggest me any antiviruses which are fully compitable with comodo and defense+

I will :slight_smile: but keep in mind that no AV + other Firewall is fully compatible with each other; only firewall/AV from the same company is fully/best compatible with the other components.

I know that Avast is very compatible and popular combo with Comodo firewall but you need to unmark the blockbehavior and the sandbox (make sure to chose customize or what’s called) in case you want to use d+ and sandbox. I also suggest you add cmdagent.exe in exclusions of Avast’s AV.

Valentin N

Very true. No chance for conflicts (hidden/future) or slowdowns.