Is version 5.12 on XP supported any longer? won't update on any system

Just trying to get a definitive answer here. We have many XP Pro 32-bit systems running CIS 5.12.256249.2599 that all stopped updating somewhere around January 26th. Won’t update
automatically, manually, etc. Have done a full uninstall and reinstall 3 times on a few of the systems; tried manually removing the bases.$$$ file and retrying manual updating, and tried all the other suggestions in previous threads. Am experiencing the same issues on my home computers, and my husband has the same issue with some of his work computers.

Is this version no longer supported? If not, then please just say it and let’s all quit wasting time.

And honestly, I tried to get version 6 to work on XP and it does not play well at all. So what
other options are there if version 5 is not supported on XP? Have to run something until we
can get new systems. Can’t keep version 5 updating until after April 8th?

Please advise.

Hi there,
it’s good to know that one is not alone.
I also have issues with Comodo 5 , XP Home and scan. It won’t end.
It’s also good to know, that version 6 is also making problems on XP.

From what I understand V5 should still be updating correctly. I’m not sure what’s going on with that.

However, for the problems you are experiencing with V6, please let me know what they are and we can see if we can get it working.


You might want to read through the other thread on exactly this topic to see if any of those workarounds may work for you. We’ve been futzing around with this same issue for quite some time.


As Eddy says, check out the linky to the other thread in case it helps.

However, in summary I had exactly the same problem on exactly the same date ! Update #17678 installed automatically at around 2015 hours (GMT) on 26th Jan and apparently mangled the live virus signature database permanently preventing any subsequent updates from ever being installed :frowning: I’ve had Comodo installed and working continuously ever since I first installed V3.8 (followed by updates as/when available of course) and until that particular virus signature database incremental update was installed, I’d not seen any significant problem in all that time. However, the good news is that I’ve now got it fully working again without any major changes and I’ve not experienced any further problems since … famous last words and all that >:-D

All I effectively did eventually was to replace the live database “bases.cav” in the “scanners” directory and the (backup ?) copy of “bases.cav” in the “repair” directory with a totally valid and fully working version along with removing what I believe is just a temporary working file “bases.$$$” from the “scanners” directory as well. You can download the latest full database from Comodo of course but what I actually did was install the same old V5.12 version of Comodo on another WinXP/SP3 system that didn’t already have it. It installed just fine, downloaded the full database just fine and continues to download incremental updates just fine as well. So it definitely does still work satisfactorily on WinXP/SP3, at least on a fresh install here anyway if not following a reinstall elsewhere. Reinstalling stuff and particularly A/V and other security related stuff is almost always fraught with no end of problems mind you so it’s perhaps not that surprising you’ve had issues unfortunately. Anyway, I simply grabbed a copy of the live database from the new install and replaced the mangled database(s) on the install that had failed. Problem apparently completely solved and all that.

Just in case you don’t already know, you quite obviously can’t make fundamental changes such as replacing the database(s) when Windoze and Comodo in particular are running normally. You might however be able to do it by starting Windoze in safe mode. What I actually did was boot with a different operating system to make the changes. You could also use a Linux Live CD/DVD if you find that you can’t do it with Windoze running in safe mode. Whatever you do, just be very careful and all that !

Hope you can also get things fixed eventually and many thanks for confirming that my concious decision NOT to install V6 when it appeared (and also when I got this problem with V5) was definitely a very good one :slight_smile:

PS: It may or may not be relevant but I also effectively removed what appeared to be updated files relating to an advert campaign that Comodo quietly downloaded or tweaked when I manually checked for program updates recently. This only happened AFTER the problem had appeared and most of the files were downloaded again when I checked for program updates later in any case so it’s perhaps more than likely irrelevant. However, if you do want to try doing exactly the same thing just in case it does help:

In \Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\COMODO\ typically on the drive where Windoze is installed there is a directory called “cis” along with various others. Delete/Rename the “cis” directory and then manually check for Comodo program updates. The “cis” directory and it’s contents will be created again but I found that it was subtly different to what was there before.