is verification engine blocking me?

Hi since installing commodo verifation service I can not complete applications for example: show tickets! you know towards the end of your online purchase there is a wobbly verification word they ask you to copy and insert? well every time I do that then I just get blocked! over and over again so now unable to make purchases online! is there a way round this without having to unistall the verification engine as I do like the assurance that gives me?

Hi finjack,

“well every time I do that then I just get blocked!”.

Could you tell us what is happening in a little more detail and what do you see?

Thanks Shane.

Hi thanks for replying! firstly Im no computer expert so can only explain in my ‘terms’ so here goes! 3 times recently on 3 seperate sites Ive tried to purchase show tickets ect… when at the end they give that sort of ‘wobbly’ code you have to retype in ( for example; FPy12G ) I put it in correctly but then when I try to continue it says its wrong and gives me another word/try but this happens over and over again but I know Im entering them correctly… its resulted in that I cant do online purchases at the moment as I can never get past that point… then it downed on me that its been since I installed verification engine so wondered what I can do to stop this happeing again?


To my knowledge (Shane may be better able to speak authoritatively on that), VE does not block or allow anything; it merely verifies the authenticity of the site you are on.

It is more likely that your browser (or a plugin/extension) is blocking content, a popup, or script from running; something like that.