Is updater service really needed?

I installed CIS, did a custom install, and nervously decided to included Chromodo. It is said to be based off of Chromium which hopefully means it is NOT based off of Google’s variant (Google Chrome).

Anything Google is a bitch to uninstall. I had their Google Drive installed and decided to uninstall it. Geez, 2 scheduled events in Task Scheduler, a Run registry key, a couple of services, and dozens of tentacles left in the registry. Remnant cleanup (registry and files) after uninstall took a whole evening.

I noticed chromodo_updater.exe running in Task Manager under the Processes tab. Oh no, I thought, I got stuck with a Google product that’s going to take a lot of effort to remove after uninstall. So far for Chromodo, however, what I’ve found is a service named “COMODO Chromodo Update Service”, no startup items (e.g., no Run key entry), and about 20 [significant] registry entries. Well, not too bad if the uninstall isn’t clean and I have to do manual remnant cleanup.

So is Chromodo - please please please - no relation to Google Chrome other than both are based off the Chromium project (and with each variant making their own but separate “tweaks”)?

I don’t like applications that covertly (automatically) update themselves. Such behavior changes the state of my computer and software setup without my permission. I decide when to schedule a time to save an image backup and go through my programs to check for updates.

  • What happens if I set this service to Disabled? Would automatic updates cease and only manual updating is available?
  • There’s no other avenue for covert automatic updates?
  • If disabling this service works, is there an option within the Chromodo product, like under the Help menu, where the user can initiate their own update check?
  • If there is a manual update check, is it actually a check for update and NOT instead an actual update? (I believe it was Firefox where a “check” actually performed an update - so users never really could check for updates but only apply them when available.)

Hi VanguardLH,
The update service is only required to do silent updates.
You can disable automatic updates under updates in the setting page.
Configuring Chromodo Updates-Comodo Help

With automatic updates disabled, you will still be notified when an update is available with the options to download the new version or to skip the update.
If you have chosen to skip the update, you can manually check for updates by opening the ‘About’ page found under settings in the menu.
If an update is available you will have the option to download and install or just leave the page if the update isn’t required. (Screenshot)

Kind regards.

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I disabled the auto-update configuration option within Chromodo; however, that did not disable the Chromodo Updater service (which still shows as a running process in Task Manager). If I disable automatic updating as a Chromodo setting then presumably I can stop the Chromodo Updater service and then disable it – or can I disable that service? Is that service required (perhaps in Manual startup mode instead of Automatic on Windows startup) to perform the manual update option within Chromodo?

  • Can I [kill and] disable the Chromodo Updater service but still have manual updates available via the About page in Chromodo?

  • Is the notification about a newer version a popup created by the Chromodo Updater service (chromodo_updater.exe) when it is running? Or is the notification presented everytime I load Chromodo? If I disable automatic updates to prevent unexpected and unauthorized changes to the state of my computer, I certainly don’t want to be nuisanced by incessant prompts about a pending new update. Nagware gets uninstalled.

I have the updater service set to start manual. When it is running you can also stop it if you like.

Hi VanguardLH,
The updater service can be disabled as well, this is only required for silent updates.
You can still manually check from the about page.

The notification for updates will occur without the update service, but once you select ‘skip this update’ you will not be nagged until future updates.

Kind regards.

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