Is threatcast actually working.

??? I havent been receiving any threatcast notifications and i deciided to do a fresh install whilst online, and opted to join the community .The version no is 477.I wonder if its not working generally since this update, and can any forum members confirm similar problems since update, or is there something else happening with Threatcast ie it has been temporarily stopped by Comodo for example. I would be greatful if any light can be shed on this one.


I had it working for a while after doing the online installation trick. But a reboot or a couple later TC ratings are no longer working.

I also posted here about the same problem:;msg255375#msg255375

Some more info regarding Threatcast would be nice.

My cmdagent.exe seems to be connected to two addresses. Is one of them related to Threatcast?

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Out of the blue, Threatcast is now working again for me. Let’s see whether it still works after a reboot.

What seems different is that cmdagent.exe is now connected to three IP addresses, instead of two, as can be seen in the screenshot. This was also the case the last time Threatcast was working for me. But it can also just be a coincidence.

If Comodo did some changes on their servers, great! If not, it would be nice to know what makes TC work sporadically.

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Well well, i got this icon in my tray this morning for an update and and waited for the update, and saw no download box, and later in the day the threatcast started working again!!, seemingly for no reason, as i have not seen any fix notifications from Comodo, but have seen one other forum member experience the same problem as me, and he/she says its working now as well. Guess we can put this one down to divine intervention from upon high!!.