Is this where I would post my Qs about Comodo HIPS, and a HIPS report?

So, my Subject line actually asks my question, so I didn’t repeat it here, my question is to seek advice about:
in my COMODO HIPS program, would it be safe to unblock Glarysoft scans; Malwarebytes 's Adw scanner; and TFC.exe programs,? because each time they run, HIPS blocks them.
I have a screen print of what I am talking about, included with my post, to help explain what I am saying.

if this is not the correct place to post this question, please tell me where and if could provide a link, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Oh, and will unblocking these, instruct HIPS to not repeat the blocking in the future, and thus teach HIPS?
Are there other instructions / teachings, I can give to HIPS that will help HIPS and make me also happy?

Without seeing the actual events that caused the HIPS blocking which you can see by opening the event logs and viewing the HIPS event, it is unsure if just using unblock on those applications will stop future HIPS blocking, it should in most cases though.