Is this what CIS 4 new GUI will look like?

When reading across the CSC Board, I noticed that some were not liking the new look for CSC2.;msg325633#msg325633

See attached image.

Will this have similarities of what the new Comodo Internet Security 4 new! GUI will look like?

??? :slight_smile:

I have no idea. I am eagerly awaiting a beta release. This will most likely come late December. Even the moderators have not had a preview of things to come with v4. We are all in the dark here… 88)

I hope CIS4 will have OS integration. That means the entire UI in specific OS style. Current UI is as far from integration as is could be.

I sincerely hope not! CSC looks like it has been designed by some adolescents with a new design tool. It’s not even amateur-looking let alone professional! The main reason I stopped and uninstalled CSC was that the interface was so slow on 2 of my computers that it caused errors to be made due to the delay in mouse response and screen updates. It simply become dangerous.

The GUI of CIS is bad enough (window resizing, column resizing and remembering settings etc.). I’m hoping (though with Comodo’s past experience - not holding my breath) for a professional finish with v4.

How can you design such great software, be so innovative, even revolutionary, yet so completely lost when it comes to designing the GUI? I don’t get it…


System cleaner looks a bit like “Kingsoft internet security” interface

I understood that the interface for CIS 4 would have a red theme similar to the theme of these forums.

I hope V4 looks nothing like that, in my opinion if you want to be taken serious your UI needs to look professional and has to be efficent, just look at some of these:

Kaspersky 2010:

GDATA 2010:

Norton 2010

Avast 5


Thanks for the pics Languy.
IMO Kaspersky looks the best.

@languy99 :-TU Agree with you!

Look at Comodo Time Machine:wink:

I didn’t like new interface of Kaspersky.
Because some feature are hard to find, The feature that’s unnecessary to most user such as backup or detection list.

Detection list unnecessary?Don’t think so.:))

Sorry I meant that following feature was hard to access with new interface.

I’m not interested in the GUI colour :smiley:

I care that D+ popups would be clear…now it is very uncomfortable to read reg keys, files, folders location in the popups, cause they’re mixed with the explanation text…

also cmd line would be great, but clearest popups first of all: it is a necessity imho…


All of the application screens posted above look cheesy imo. Bloated eye candy that serves no useful purpose and waste developers time that could be spent elsewhere.

Standard windows ui and it’s accompanying components are all that is needed.

YES, CIS’s current UI looks unprofessional BUT I find it more user friendly and effective than some other professional looking firewall UIs.

I’m fine with anything as long as it runs… 88)

I guess I’m “going against the herd” here but I like the CSC look. 88) And the current CIS look… And some screenshots I’ve seen that possibly might be how CIS 4 turns out…

if it looks like time machine than ok, I took a look at those pictures and find them good enough. just no floating buttons or anything like that. CSC reminds me of the Gigabyte Overclock Utility, sorry that I feel this way but it has the same usability of those too. Hard to find anything and too busy to the eye.,Q-M-105934-13.jpg

I don’t see anything wrong with the current UI, especially since I applied the default XP theme to it. Changing the theme is easy and I have the files for the XP and Media Center Themes if anyone is interested.

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