Is this virus updation correct?


In CIS 6.0 , after I updated the antivirus, XP SP3 reports that the antivirus defintion is outdated. The antivirus was updated just 1 day back and CIS home screen also reports like that. However, when I go to -scanners under program files, the bases.cav file is of just 9.xx Mb and another file with No. Bxx14718 (118 Mb) as a separate file. In CIS 5.12, the bases.cav file itself used to be of 119 Mb (varies as per the updates). The about column also reports that CIS definition is 14718.

Is this behaviour normal???

At the moment of writing the latest update is 14743. Can you please check what database version number is under Help → About?

Hi layman,
I think the Out of date message works on about 24hrs time lapse from the last up date check.
File size appears correct (Screenshot).

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I assumed it to be so… i.e. alert after 24 hours, but, in CIS 5.10 the bases.cav file itself used to be about 110 MB while now, in CIS 6.0 the bases.cav is only 9 Mb and separate file with CAVS definition (the number that is shown in about of CIS) is the bigger one having around 110 Mb. Is that in order? The definition number is shown properly in ‘about’ by CIS.

Hi layman,
That is correct, all three of my systems are very similar to the screenshot in my post above.

I can confirm this on XP, Vista, Win 7 and Win 8…

Okay, thanks