Is this Trusted Vendors right?

Cause I just updated to the new version of CIS and checked to make sure all the settings were up-to-par and well inside Trusted Vendors I have like 13 entries that say they were User made and don’t see the ones I added a while back, such as Avira for AntiVir and Skype. (Seem to have been removed :slight_smile:

It listed Adobe Systems Incorporated and Adobe Systems, Incorporated and Apple Inc. and ALWIL software and Microsoft Corp and Microsoft Windows and Mozilla Corp and Opera Software just to name a few. But I dont remember adding any of them to the Trusted Vendors list.

Were these added as whitelisted through the programs that I listed as Installer or Updater back then or are they showing up cause the update trusts them from the configurations I already have.

I’m just wondering what’s going on and if I should leave em or remove em and if I encounter an issue just re-add em. I’m gonna go update my other pc and see if this happens as well and then I can try and determine what’s going on.

Thanks for this awesome update, it seems quicker :slight_smile:


Hmm, I did the update on this pc and those Trusted Vendors are listed and the ones I had in there aren’t. And the tray icon on my other pc is the Comodo Shield with a flame on the left side and this one has the original Comodo Shield ><, which one is supposed to be there and if it doesn’t matter, how do I get the sexy flame ^^?

The flame behind the shield means there is an update available.

As for the trusted vendors list, apparently all those other vendors in the list were added from input by other users.

yea, I did a restart and the flame went away on the other pc, but when I updated this one I had my 5 user entries in Trusted Vendors and now it added the same things as my other pc. I don’t think that is correct cause I didn’t add any of them entries and this is my personal pc which only I have access too. But I look at the list before the update and it was fine and after it added the same entries as the other pc and didnt list any of the ones that were on it before the update.

Any idea what’s going on?

This is as HeffeD has stated, vendors requested from users. It has been asked and may be in version 4 that all vendors added this way will be labeled differently so as to not create confusion.
As far as vendors you already had listed, those are not saved in the configuration exports. I myself have requested this be corrected in a future update.
I hope this clears up any confusion.

That’s what is confusing me, below is the screenshot before I did the update and then the screenshot after the update. None of them match up and I didn’t user specify any of them during or after the update. They were automatically removed/replaced after the restart.

Should I just re-add the original settings from the previous and remove the new additions or should I just add those that were removed to this new list?

I was confused about this as well. What you are seeing is confusing terminology on Comodo’s part…

The “User” you are seeing in the list isn’t you. It is users in this forum that have submitted vendors that digitally sign their applications to Comodo, and Comodo has added them to the ‘default’ install of CIS under the “Trusted Vendors” menu.

So the vendors are “User” defined, but they are other users that have nothing to do with your personal machine. This is very counter-intuitive design as generally “User” is used to denote the person actually operating the software, not a community of users giving functionality input…

I personally feel the “trusted vendor” concept is flawed anyway. Digitally signing an application does not have anything to do with how trustworthy a vendor is. Not to mention that I could care less about some vendor that somebody else feels is trustworthy. If somebody trusts their neighbor with their house key, why should I trust that same neighbor with my house key? I don’t even know them…

You may re-add your own trusted vendors to the list as I did.
As for removal of those 3.8 has listed, it is your choice if you wish to remove them.

Yes, you can remove them. But how many average users are going to realize they are there in the first place? Most will likely just go with the default settings and will not even be aware of who someone else has “trusted” for them…

If you do want to remove them, you can’t remove multiple entries at once as all but the last one selected will come back. (Unless this is fixed in the .471 release) You need to delete them one at a time. So you have to open the list, remove one, click apply and close the window. Repeat for each vendor you want to remove.

well, all the vendors there added are SAFE, they are all known and common used by people. by adding those a average will get less popups.