Is this "trusted" same as that "trusted" in Version 5 D+

“My Own Safe Files” is changed to “Trusted Files” in V5. And, there is “Trusted Application” in Predefined Security Policies.

I know there are differences between a “Safe” File and a “Trusted” Application in CIS V3/4 but I always think if it is necessary to have these two separate parameters to define CIS monitor level/behaviour for an application.

My first impression in Version 5 D+ UI is that they have finally integrated to become one single parameter as “Safe Files” now become “Trusted Files”. However, I find there is no actual changes in the CIS monitor behavior later during my trial.

If the development team really think that these two separate parameters are essential to define CIS monitor level/behaviour for an application, please don’t create additional confusion in the new UI by making use of these similar wordings.