Is this the future of AV?

What do you thing about cloud computing applied to AV?

i read about the Panda Cloud Antivirus, but as my english is not very good, i’m not sure i understood how all this work, can u explain what is the solution they want to offer in a simple way ?

I think anything Cloud would be great for server-based network systems. It would probably work great with CES (Endpoint Security).

Hi Ailef,

I believe my English is worst than your but anyway I’ll try to explain what I understood of cloud AV.
Basically they sent a ‘reverse signature’ of PE files -exe, com etc- to the ‘cloud’ and then use the collective intelligence -cloud computing- to determine whether is a malware or not.

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I think the cloud concept could only bog things down when it comes to AV.

Personal systems, yes. That is why I suggested for networks, a single control/protection point for all on the network.

Theres nothing currently wrong with signatures how they are implemented now.

The biggest advantage to locally stored AV databases as opposed to a cloud setup is that you can’t always count on internet connectivity if you have a problem. Look at Google. Even with all of their resources they have outages. If even the mighty Google can’t guarantee 100% uptime, then the cloud concept has serious flaws.

Not to mention that if you happen to have an infection, you probably don’t want internet connectivity! That would be a touch of irony. Your PC is busy spreading a virus while it’s trying to connect to the cloud. :stuck_out_tongue:

The current setup with AV will probably remain for personal systems.
Cloud AV would be fine for networks (especially wireless) using multiple platforms (i.e. Blackberry).
(Just my thoughts on this).

yes, what happens if u get some unknown malware that blocks the connexion to the server ?

Your ■■■■■■■.

I think this only emphasizes more on the fact that prevention is better than cure.

Haha, this is a most ridiculous statement.
Maybe a few years from now when your AV has to be shipped on DVD because of the billions of signatures, it will be easier for you to see what is currently wrong with the implementation.

AV has no Future…

[ ‘White List’ Technology ]


That was the best Comment of the whole Thread. :smiley:

Maybe a few years from now when your AV has to be shipped on DVD because of the billions of signatures...
[ [url=;msg309777#msg309777]'White List' Technology[/url] ]
I am afraid there are some flaws in your argument as well, which I have alluded to in the thread which you have referenced.

According to them, Cloud AV stores a local cache copy of “Collective Intelligence” for offline use so you don’t need to be online always -although they don’t explain how often the cache is updated-

If it’s updating a local cache, then it sounds like a conventional AV solution. :wink:

Actually the ‘whitelist’ is not as far off as you might think. The only way ‘cloud’ works is if every piece software is run under a ‘certificate’ just ike SSL supports security on the browser. No certificate, no program. In this way, all apps are pre-approved based on the cert and it hardens the network against unknowns as they dont have certs.
Rogues would possibly live a short time, but it would not take long to pull a cert and stop the program dead in its tracks.

How to manage the certs and how to buy/pay for them is the real issue, but watch for it. You think EULA’s are hard to deal with now, how about buying a cert to keep Word working every year.

And no, I dont work for anyone selling certs, but maybe I should start. Melih, got any opennings?