Is this the future for us all? Cloud computing

Hi everyone. Is this the way of the future for all computing?
What will this do to the current industry of software/hardware manufacturers if everything is natively in the cloud? I don’t think using cloud computing in its entirety is that far into the future, while this can have some benefits it will come with a lot of negatives IMO. I think a lot of Companies could suffer dramatically when this happens. What are your thoughts, opinions or knowledge on this matter? Thanks and kind regards.

Pros: portability, can carry your documents and data everywhere, no need for storage.
Cons: security and privacy issues, nothing local is very depended on services online, dependent also of the Internet connection.
I think I’ll never see the cloud completely taking the space as people want spped and control, not delivering everything to the others judgment.

I agree with Tech on this one, and I think it’s fair to say we will see significant growth of Cloud Computing, however I don’t think it will completely take over the way we have our systems today.

Just as Tech said, security and connectivity can be issues, some people simply like something staying local, me being one of them.

Hi Guys. I do see privacy & security being issues among loads of other problems for entire system to go this way. I also think this might all happen before most us realise with the speed of Technology. Most of us are probably using more Cloud type Services already without even giving it a second thought. Social sites, webmail, synchronized services such as online backup etc etc. When I say not to far into the future I don’t mean Tomorrow, but I do think some current users will live long enough to see it progress through stages. Also internet connections are getting more readily available, and getting faster at quite a incredable rate.
Maybe hybrid type systems at first, but then progress onto its entirety. I am in no way saying it is my choice, but I do think it will happen. Kind regards

Systems are already hybrid in my opinion. Synchronization is a very good technology to lose.
But I can’t imagine you will just drop “all” the local to take the cloud. Ok, some equipment will do it, some people will take it. But will you stay completely dependent of a remote data, programs, etc. ?

Hi Tech. I agree we are hybrid, but the way I think it is heading OS and programs will not be local some personal data might be. A lot of everyday programs are already using cloud functions to some extent. As long as the choice is there no I won’t depend on remote data, and I like it the way it is now. I am just very concerned that the choice won’t be an option in time ahead. Thanks for your input.

And from the 15th of June there will be Chromebooks Official Google Blog: A new kind of computer: Chromebook

From what I understand from previous readings on the subject, you’ll be able either to buy it either to lease it at 10-20$/month.If you choose leasing, you’ll be invited to change the hardware on a regular basis to follow its improvements.

It seems that Google will implement an option to save data on external devices in a few weeks or months to answer clients desiderata.

Cloud computing is not my cup of tea for privacy and security considerations. But I’m convinced that if google OS becomes a success, Microsoft will follow the lead and who knows what surprises win 8 may have in store in that respect.

Interesting subject captainsticks.

But I think this is just one small part… get a look on this one:

I think this is somewhat related to the topic here, will try to find the video documentary about this… heard that there is one made (not sure tho’).

Thanks Victor. I am not sure how to reply at this moment yes it is related and overloading for my brain, made my subject look small in comparison. But thanks for this addition.
Don’t know if this video on youtube is anything like you were looking for in the video, I am about to go out so I haven’t watched it yet. Kind regards.

Strangely enough Microsoft have had an OS research project called Singularity running since 2003, which by all accounts is seeing commercialisation as a potential cloud based OS called Midori Also, we mustn’t forget Gazelle

This is an interesting read:

Personally, I think cloud based services and data storage have an appeal to a certain type of user and until such time as there is no alternative, the majority of users will maintain predominately localised applications and storage.

Interestingly, in 1995 Marc Andreessen (the co-author of Mosaic) predicted that his fledgling Web browser (Netscape) would one day render Windows obsolete…

Interesting article on Chromebook :

Has Steve Jobs killed the consumer hard disk industry ?

The article is complete kak but the comments are enlightening, or maybe not :wink:

Oh no!! If hard drives are dead, then I don’t want the job of the little guy in the clouds that has to transcribe everything. ;D I wonder what they imagine icloud is going to store stuff on?



Same as Microsoft’s cloud platform is named “Azure”, which means “cloud free”.

Someone should introduce them to Mr. Dictionary. :smiley: