is this something to be cncerned with?

This morning, after elaving my computer idle, or about 12 hours, I tried connecting to my home router wifi point, which is a wpa2-psk protected network with a 192 ip.

I got a message that a new network was detected and iwas connected to a ip.

I should mention that I had ‘‘stop network activity’’ clicked on firewall tasks in comodo, aka block all.

I restarted my computer and it is no longer connected to the 169, but is the 169 a hacker/attacker ip address?

Anything terrible.
So has to be.
Here one of subjects.

Hi Jenny, thanks for your reply. I don’t mean to come off rude, but I am having trouble understanding your reply? Did you make a typo? What does anything terrible mean?

btw, when comodo joins new networks, the only options I have in the popup ask me what kind of network it is, and there is no option NOT to connect. I wish comodo would STOP any new connections from occurring until you specify YES you want to connect through a popup.

It occurs at the first connection. (for example through a router).
One more network zone with a set of addresses is created.
For example: 169.254.x.x/
I too have it.
If not is necessary to you can to remove and mark simply - not to define new networks. ( Setting Firewall )

In links a topic that I showed there is an answer from MOD.
At a forum there is a lot of these topics.
It isn’t necessary worries.

Those “169.254…” IP addresses are fine. They usually mean that the network adapter (ie: wifi module or Ethernet port) is set to use DHCP for IP address assignment and it wasn’t able to communicate with a DHCP server (which is usually your router). When that happens, the computer usually auto-assigns an address in that 169.254 address range.

So if your computer wasn’t able to join its usual wifi network right off, it probably auto-assigned one of those IP addresses to itself.

Here’s an article on those IP addresses: Link-local address - Wikipedia

But the bottom line’s that Jenny’s right - you can probably safely ignore firewall stuff about them.