Is This Setting Okay???[Info]

I am currently running Kaspersy 7.0 anti-virus/anti-spyware and using the Comodo Pro as a firewall. I have my firewall set to Train With Safe Mode. Is this okay to leave at?

Thanx For Responses

I run CFP (v.273) with firewall in “Train with Safe Mode” and Defense+ in “Clean PC Mode”. I have KAV 7.0 and CFP 3.0 installed on two systems. On both, CFP and KAV are working well together, with only isolated exceptions.

yea its fine…as long as you dont add 2 firewalls or 2 antiviruses ur fine (dont add another firewall to ‘work together with’ comodo and dont add another antivirus to ‘work along with’ kaspersky)