Is this right?am i still secure

I studied the forums and think i have found the answer,could someone just confirm my conclusion.

For emule i set up application monitor as pandlouk says, with tcp destination port -the port emule uses and the udp port-the port emule uses with the rules he states.

When i next run emule i allow+remember my answer checked(this will place emule in application list).

If i then switch emule off, the ports used by it will still be open but will only allow a program to access the net if it is in application monitor list or are those ports confined to emule only.Will component monitor be okay as it is set to learn.I think im getting the jist of comodos layered approach, it seems a bit daunting at first but the forums teach you a lot{top guys}.

Thanks to all who help keep us safer it is much appreciated lol matty. :■■■■

win xp pro sp2
comodo cpf
comodo boclean
avira classic
spybot s+d