Is this okay Defence+ settings [RESOLVED]

Hi all

If possible could some one tell me if these setting are okay.

I was looking around in there and i am not sure if i changed anything. (:SAD)

I also tried a leak test a while ago which i was getting a warning from defence +, i just tried one now with no Defence+ warning only firewall warning
I have comodo on (Clean PC Mode on proactive defense.)

Cheers :■■■■

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I have uninstalled and re installed comodo
Still the same, think they were okay.

Retried leak test getting alert from Defence+ now. so all must be okay.

Just one more question
In Network Security Policy in global rules have only one rule . see attachment . Is this okay


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What leak test are you referring to?


GRC Leak test

If i download it to my desk top, i do not get a Defence+ alert. I assume i may have clicked to remember this but i cannot find it any where to delete it .
It is not in Computer Security policy

If i download it to my documents I get a Defence+ alert

Cheers :■■■■

That is cause once you tell D+ to allow the GRC test to run that it will always allow it. You need to delete the test entires in D+ and the firewall and click apply.

I have looked in Defence+ and cannot locate this rule.
I looked in Computer Security policy

Cheers :■■■■

Is the file still there? On your desktop? Delete it if it is. Then go into the Network and Computer Security Policy and purge all files which will bring up any files that are no longer being used by your pc. Reboot. Make sure explorer.exe is custom in D+.

no the file is not on the desktop.
Purged files in Network and Computer Security Policy and no files showed up

Still the same no warning Defence+ from desktop for GRC leaktest, but i still get warning from firewall

I have to go now , thanks for all your assistance, very much appreciated.
Will log back in tomorrow

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Comodo again.

This time i made sure not to tick the box to remember the rule. Now i can run and rerun GRC leak test and now get all the proper warnings. All is okay

Strange though earlier when i ticked the remember box, i could not locate this rule any where to delete it.
Mind i am not the sharpest tool in the shed (:TNG)

cheers :■■■■

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