Is this normal?

I only have 1 process in Task manager its cmdagent.exe. Is that normal?
Cfp.exe shows only when I click on Comodo IS shortcut and disappears after a while.
Is that Ok?

Cfp.exe should start with Windows like cmdagent.exe. However it is not a security risk when cfp.exe is not running.

Running running Diagnostics (that can be found under More) and see if that fixes it or not.

I have it under startup its written like this:

path/ cfp.exe"-h

Diagnostic did not show anything.

Now its staying there (icon and cfp.exe), since I run Comodo IS shortcut and it did not disappeared.
when I wasnt use it for a while , icon and cfp.exe was gone.

Is it ok if only cmdagent.exe is running?

Maybe I accidentally pressed exit, because yesterday Icon was there all the time.

How if you reboot? Maybe CIS just didn’t load the way it suppose to.

Are you using XP? XP does not always show icons of programs in the systray. It is a known bug that never got fixed but can be worked around: How To: Fix Missing System Tray Icons at Windows XP startup .

Its working fine now. I probably accidentaly clicked exit.
Comodo is one of the best security programs out there. I used Kaspersky before, but I have problems with cpu and memory usage, it was jumping up and down all the time and all they said to me is “dont look at task manager all the time” lol I mean I wouldnt look at it if everything was OK. I have never been idle with KIS.
Thats the one reason I went to Comodo, other reasons are: this is one really good piece of software. Im using Pro version and I cant believe that you guys giving Comodo IS Premium for free :-TU. Really I just cant belive it.

One question I have is (im new here) about reporting FP and other stuff.
How do I do that, I really want help Comodo community. I wanna know everything about it and if I can report unrecognized files to. Please answer me to this question


You can do that in the AV False Positive/Negative Detection Reporting board.

What about unrecognized files. Is there anything for that.
I have something from Ashampoo few others Companies

Do you mean Submit Applications Here To Be Whitelisted - 2011?