Is this normal?

I’m just wondering if this is normal…

Yes, if your PC was hacked.

J/K. I don’t know since I rarely (if ever anymore) use IE other than to verify a website is working with Opera or not. You must have had lots of tabs opened in IE or was visiting forbidden (:SHY) websites with lots of flashy fool-me-once-fool-me-again ads.

Mmm yes why not. :stuck_out_tongue: Also maybe there was a lot of Flash content.

that’s wierd because i was just on


No, it’s not normal if you don’t do anything special like running lots of flash, java or some stuff that makes your computer lagg. CPU should never go above 30-40%, and RAM shouldn’t be 100MB+ :o
Also, what’s the hidden processes? (:SHY)

ummm nothing (:SHY)

I actually hadn’t noticed the CPU usage, :o just the RAM… NOT normal.

M$ updates

Those do not cause 98% CPU usage over here… Plus he said he was in Google only.

M$ Updates can be the cause or the cure (:WIN).