is this normal traffic?¿?¿

Is this normal, I get alot of logs, also im getting a few trying port 80 should I make a rule to allow it?

Sry its so long

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PS: Also mask your IP address (unless you want everyone to know what it is.)

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Not unless you are unable to perform functions that you need to perform.

As I mentioned briefly in your other thread about current Network rules you have, an Inbound traffic indicates it is Unsolicited; you will not get an unsolicited inbound request from doing legitimate browsing or email.

Some specific applications like p2p, IM, etc may require a certain port or ports to be Allowed to accept unsolicited Inbound connections, but it is otherwise not something you want to allow.

Even with p2p apps, you will get a lot of log entries in your firewall due to the large volume of connections; some of which are probably spurious results from people trying to slip in under the radar, but hitting the wrong ports because of it.


I did get most of thos when utorrent was on, thanks.

hits on the following ports are some sort of attack:
137-139 (windows networking), 7212 (unknown), 445 (HTTPS), 5900 (VNC), 22 (ssh)

Most of the others are also probably attacks of some obscure sort.

You should be able to set the port your BT client uses and only pass that through your firewall.
Azureus allows you to set both incoming and outgoing to one port number. (that’s what I use).