Is this normal rundll32 behaviour or should I be concerned?

So, I’ve been seeing this weird rundll32 behaviour on my Windows7.
Whenever the comp. gois into power saving/hibernation mode for a while and I get back to it and unlock it my Comody notifies me that rundll32 has tried to run all sorts of random files (anything from games to pictures, textfiles and whatnot.)

I am sure that this does occur if firefox is on when the comp goes to sleep. Not sure whether it occurs with firefox off. Also noteworthy is that firefox hangs once I unlock the puter.

Obviously I block all the attempts, but I am a tad concerned. My virus scans reveal nuffin’, and Ad-Aware scans are clean as well.

So is this expected behaviour, and if not any suggestions on what to do?

May be rundll32.dll active when system idle!! is pointing you in the right direction?

Are you using CIS v3.x? Please consider updating to v4 as the rundll32.exe behaviour has changed. I can’t recall having seen alerts for it.

Thanks for the reply.
Stopping the Application Experience service didn’t change anything. And it does happen’ regardless of firefox being on or not.

Will try upgrading to v4.