Is this normal ? [Resolved]

When run msinfo32, and look under “software environment” / “system drivers”
there is only one reference to BOclean, that being… “bocdrive” and under the “file” column it reads:


Does this all sound correct ?

Depends on your definition of “correct”… :wink:

However, I have the same entry. There are also others in there as well (for other apps) showing the ??\ at the start of the filepath, and appear to be legit.


Yep … completely normal and you should expect to find other drivers using the similar notation. Actually, it isn’t the drivers that create the ??\ prefix, it’s the kernel itself which does so. Drivers which are written with “net awareness” will cause the kernel to put those in place of say \WORKGROUP\ or computer name as they are “unknown” to the kernel at the time of loading. It’s part of the formal hierarchy of how NT derivatives work and is not a risk at all … it’s simply windows not knowing where it came from and so it prepends that …

Tnx for the explanation, Kevin. Enlightening as always… :smiley:

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