Is this normal for Boclean. Initial scan says 425 on it's header/running 426

I never noticed this before. When I noticed this, I uninstalled BoClean, deleted the BoClean folder under program files, removed BoClean from the App Data and local settings folders in all accounts (if it was there), ran Ccleaner, then manually checked the registry and deleted everything BoClean. However when I reinstall 426 as well as manually add the latest BoClean definitions file, the initial scan says 425. Lots of weird things happening since updating to XP SP3 as well as FX3. FX3 is calling up a lot of strange DLLs that I haven’t seen before. Before I throw this into the scratch-my-head pot of strange stuff since updating to SP3/FX3, I just wondered if this was normal? thx

It is the same on my computer BOC 425 on scan header running BOC426 on Vista I presume they forgot to change this header.

Yep, that is what I think too Dennis :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.