Is this normal behaviour for for Beta 2?

Okay a few hours ago I installed the Beta 2 and it went smooth, I even think this Beta 2 runs lighter than the stable version 7. :slight_smile:

Afterwards I was out for a while, and when I came home and sat behind my computer I saw that my screen saver was marked as an unrecognised file. So I marked it as trusted. But I also saw that 3 files where sand boxed … namely these:

Should I be concerned about it or is this normal?

Yes morro normal, this is no bug.
If you run eg. Virtual desktop this is normal.

Okay thank you zbc. :slight_smile:

I think it Bugs , some programs do not work well if these processes running before runing the application.
You should work to reset Sandbox ,To ensure that applications work well :-TU

No i tested, this is no bug.
Start the virtual desktop, virtual exit and see the same processes as in the picture.

But if these processes remained running, and ran some applications will not work well, so that sometimes Viruscop not working correctly, I do not have evidence to put the bug report on this issue, but this problem happened to me more than once.

Edit: As I said earlier, I advise to reset the Sandbox before running any application is unknown

Well those processes that I showed in my OP are not running any more after I rebooted my computer. :slight_smile:

Also, under “sandbox tasks” do “reset sandbox” will make them disappear.

Thanks SD Ahmad and Liron, I will remember that. :slight_smile: