Is this new release safe to use?

Just reading through these threads there seems to be a major issue with the sandbox feature.Is this version safe to use or should we roll back to 3.14 until this bug is fixed?

If you install v4.0, choose Proactive Security and disable the Sandbox, and it will be just like v3.14.

even better 88)… ! I’m using proactive security and I should admit that I’m really shocked that not even a D+ alert has shown up … < of course I’ve disabled the sandbox which I think it needs a bit more buttons like < delete the sandbox … kill all the processes < something like that , :a0

If you enable so you also get alerts from safe applications, you will probably get the same amount of alerts you also got in V3.

I rolled back to 3.14.

Somehow ver 4 put too much load on my CPU :-\

Well I would recommend you to install this version, some people is experiencing problems related to games.

For some Reason I feel that Comodo kind of rushed out 4.0…
but 4.0 is a great RC version but not as a stable…
Still Running 3.14 No Problems…

Well, that’s true :-\

It is unsettling to perceive moderators blushingly concurring with the perception of common users.

Well I call it healthy :wink: and relieving

better stay off it for a while. … till alteast the next release.

I remember v3.0 was the same. Lots of changes, lots of confused users, lots of bugs, lots of new features, lots of hype by melih, lots of headache for egemen, lots of crying on wilders… the only less of was the number of moderators. ;D Eventually it all settled down into the CIS we love. v3.x… so…

Am with 3.14 till the next release.

Just installed v 3.14 yesterday on two computers and have disabled the auto-update notifications. We will be waiting until at least the next release to upgrade.

Honesty is unsettling.??

The moderators are users just like you and are just as entitled to express their opinions. The fact that their opinions frequently align with the opinions of other users demonstrates both the openness of these forums and their intellectual independance.

Ewen :slight_smile:

As long as we’re not sipping wine by the port, we’re decent.

I would estimate with in the next 2 months v4.1 beta will come out.

By that time i would think 4.0 would be a good installation and a good product… keeping my hopes up high though; Only bad thing with 4.0 right now i would have to say it’s kind of new just like 3.0 used to be but it will be a good product if We Focus on the Present Bugs …