Is this ip safe? is trying to connect to me via svchost.exe. Can i allow this connection safely? it keeps prompting me? I have tried googling but can’t find the host 192.168 adresses are usually local right?

Here’s a pick of what it looks like:

The Source IP is This is a not route-able IP (local network only)
The destination IP is the second IP#, the one you say is yours.
Are you behind a router per chance?
Port 67 and port 68 are UDP Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP) Server ports; also used by Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

Okay so I assume it’s safe to let that connection through then cause it’s from the inside ? Not behind a router but I got a cable modem. Also keep getting connections from, same destination ip, other port(s58007ource:58007, dest. port 50108) . Appearantly it’s from telstra australian isp. Just got a request from another australian ip Why am i getting requests from AUstralian isps when Im in Sweden which is pretty much as far away on the globe as u can come from aus.

Also, how do you allow an IP you blocked one time ? it just keeps automatically blocking it.

if you are a normal computer user, who doesnt run a real server, or who doesnt want people from a peer to peer network to connect:
DONT allow ingoing traffic which wasnt initiated by YOU. use stealth port wizard setting in cis, choose setting 3. hide me from everyone. then you dont need to break your head about incoming ip.
you want to use the internet, the internet should not use your pc. so OUTgoing is the key. block unrequested ingoing.