is this has to do with Backup and Restore ?

I googled some combination words from this warnings (see screenshot) and couldn’t find any answers/solutions about this warnings … so decided to come here and ask.

I just got my 298GB hard drive formatted and redo Win7Pro plus all is 100% up-to-dated and full scanned.

and now I am backing up my c: drive’s files completely …

suddenly, I get popped up … what is this and what am I suppose to do with those detected threats ?

If I ran a virus scan completely and found nothing, in another word, very clean …
… but during backup found few threats ?
… why it did not found those threats that I just full scanned c: hard drive ?

See the screenshots.
Thank you.

p.s. 3rd screenshot added … maybe it has to do with Windows 7’s “back up or restore your files” and 4th screenshot add.

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The files detected as malware seems to be originating from the CIS quarantine, or rather the backed up copy of that folder. The normal CIS quarantine will contain malware but CIS won’t detect them because… they’re in the quarantine… But when a backup program backs up the quarantine and puts the files in another place, CIS doesn’t know that these backed up files are from the quarantine and hence detect them all over again.

If possible I’d suggest you set up the CIS quarantine as an exclusion in the software you use to make the backup, if that isn’t possible then I’d suggest cleaning out the quarantine before making backups.

Since I don’t need that quarantined files … so I deleted/removed it … BackUp completed.

Thank you for explanation.