Is this firewall free to use on a small business (4 pc) LAN [Resolved]


On our 4 PC LAN we have 2 PCs with Windows XP firewall on, but the 2 others use Windows 2000 and don’t have any firewall on.
Can this firewall be used for free on those two PC’s or is there a charge as we are a small business?


Free here at Comodo means FREE.

Products/services that have frees will say so… like the e-mail certificates; free to home user, under $20 for business users.

There are other examples of pay products at Comodo, but the Firewall, Antivirus (still in Beta), Verification Engine, etc… are say they are free.


why not install on all 4!
beats win xp firewall hands down!


No contest between them!

Thanks, sounds great.
Will let you guys know how the deployment goes.

Great :slight_smile: enjoy your new firewall :smiley:

FYI… my IT admin at work is giving CPF a test run. If he likes it, I’m sure CPF will start a long relationship with Comodo products in our office.


Wonderful :smiley:

Excellent, great to hear.