is this FF plug-in any good?

I find it a bit difficult what it does exactly, or rather, whether it is a useful addition to a\my “security arsenal”.

For what I could understand, it provides of way of checking certificates for the lazy people they make mention.

As they gave an example using firefox - Website Certified by an Unknown Authority - many people would just accept or deny it, if knowing the website.

Personally, I think it won’t provide more security. Why? What if “man-in-the-middle” that could be fourging the website was using a certification by a known Authority, such as VeriSign? Would it still protect you/us?

I mean, even a couple of days I saw at Sunbelt blog mention to rogue antivirus using VeriSign’s Key. How dificult is for bad people to get valid and real certificates? And if they use a valid certificate, then how the heck is this plugin suppose to provide any protection?

This is just me… I don’t know what others think. Many of them sure can answer you (and me) better than I can. :slight_smile:

Best regards

You’re probably right.

And of course we don’t have to use anything like this once Comodo Verification Engine for FF3 is finally released. Hopefully soon. (:WIN)

Hi I’m running Firefox3 Portable, and I installed the Perspectives plug in, but for the life of me I can not get it to contact the Notaries. On the website it does say you will have problems if you have a firewall.

I tried setting a Global Rule for that specific port but that did not help, it says it works through UDP Port 15217.
I also tried adding rules to Firefox Portable Application, and that also did not work.

I get a big red X next to the Perspectives at the bottom, saying it could not contact the Notaries.

Could someone explain how to get this to work. What do I need to do exactly in Comodo for this plug in to work?