Is this due to a virus?????

So a while ago I decided to check my comodo’s defense+ log and I saw that 2 days it blocked explorer.exe from creating the following process: device\harddisk2\dp(1)0-0+5\launcher.exe.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen defense+ make such a block. I must also say that I do indeed have a second harddrive installed and also on that particular day I saw on the bbc news site about the phishing attacks on various emails and i then went to site to see what they had to say about this situation and on it I saw an article about that specific situation. Now on it they mentioned a site that had a list of emails on it and I wanted to check if I was a victim as well. Turned out the site was down for maintenance and I say someone post a link a to a site that they suspected was the source so I clicked that link and firefox blocked that site. I am wondering if clicking on the link gave me a virus even though firefox itself blocked it?

I suggest to run at least a scan with MBAM Antimalware and GMER antirootkit.

This could be cause by a drive-by-download, do you update your plugins for your browser ?
Please check out Secunia’s Software Inspector here:

I did actually scan with malwarebytes, avast and spybot and the scan came up clean and yes I do update my browser plugins.

What’s on you 2nd hard drive then ?
And can you find that launcher.exe somewhere on disk ?

Sorry for the ridiculously late reply friend but this was due to two reasons:

  1. I was away on a business project for a few months.

  2. I had gotten one helluva virus recently causing me to reformat.

To answer your question I did do a search and did not find the “launcher.exe” anywhere on disk. The only thing I have on my secondary hard-drive are saved files of my Music Projects. Yup, a little over a year ago I was an aspiring musician but alas I found out it’s a really tough profession that requires lots of dedication and I had bills to pay so I had to go and seek a more stable job.

Nonetheless I had to reformat, however, I think somehow that file could have been malware as the name alone kind of looks suspicious.

No problem for the late reply, there’s more to life then forums :wink:

Yeah that’s the advantage of a computer, you can format it when it’s Ill 88)

It could be a virus, it could be legit, but now it’s gone i assume?
And besides a bit of guitar I’m not really active i music either lately, but it’s not my source of income.

Yes it is gone now, so as far as I know my pc is clean from any viruses.