Is this correct. Trojan like piece of adware included in Comodo Firewall.

Just found this on another forum from someone who was using CPF.
Is there any truth in it?

Unless you want this thing EMBEDDED on your machine, skip the COMODO. It's a good firewall but unless they've changed it because of customer gripes it also comes with a trojan like piece of adware that links you to their site commercials and it's not an easy uninstall. I tried it out and their antivirus, and even when I removed it, it kept coming back, time and time again, till I finally found a removal method on the Commodo site that someone ELSE had written. I'd never go there again. Nasty piece of business their programs, IMHO, NOT worth it...


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The other thing EMBEDDED was comodo lanchpad; which was never a troian/adware like program. It only informed the user of the other free lifetime COMODO programs as the antivirus and the backup. Some considered it as commercial. :-\

Probably he had some trouble uninstalling it but he solved it with the help of one of the moderators or a member of the COMODO staff through this forum.

I really don’t understand his statements. ???

Out of curiousity, what other forum was it?

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It’s a pity that people that don’t understand/know what they say, and have very little computer knowledge, shout the loudest… :o

Like the old saying goes, “A wise man speaks when he has something to say. A fool speaks because he feels he must.”

You can’t believe everything you read in a forum.

Except that.

And that.

And that.

And that.

And that.

And that.

And that.

And that.

And that.

And that.

And that.

Apologies to Peter Griffin. LOL

Yeah and the worst is, that most people will believe what someone somewhere said.

I allways try to verify it anyway & at new soft I check, if it got Softpedia’s Clean Award.
If someone can not get a software to work, because he can not set it up, he calls it a junk.

I did a search for that text, but I couldn’t find anything… :frowning:

Remember that none of our “ranting” here is directed at you!
Feel free to ask anything.
It would be nice to read the “original” text though, so we would be happy if you could post the link for us.

Comodo listens to their users, so they took away Launchpad.
Launchpad was like, let’s say Norton Internet Security or any other “suit”, that use a single app to let you control firewall, antivirus and antispam from the same GUI.
It didn’t force you to any of their sites, or flashed any commercial in your face.
When you opened Launchpad you could see that you had a firewall and a antivirus installed, and if you clicked the firewall you could do the settings for it.
The only way to see any “commercial” was to MANUALLY click a button, to see that you could also download their free backup app and so on…
It was not intrusive in any way. I’m surprised that some people call it intrusive, and don’t say a word about the other companies solution. ZA has a inteface like that and a lot of other companies does have it too. When I had Norton it CONSTANTLY told me that I only had their antivirus program installed and immediately should buy their firewall too! I didn’t have to click a button to see that. Thats intrusive! And I had PAYED for that app!

About the hard to uninstall.
It was a problem in early versions, until Comodo made their own installer/uninstaller.
The antivirus was for some people really hard to uninstall, and you had to do some manual work to get rid of it.
BUT REMEMBER, it was/is a BETA program. If you want to use a beta program, you should be prepared that there is gonna be some problems. That’s why it’s called beta… That guy you quoted, shouldn’t use beta programs…

Thanks for the replies, sorry it’s been so long for my reply, been a bit busy lately.

As a member of the forum I mentioned I am not allowed to paste the address. If I did you would’nt be able to get in to register as registration is only accepted by recommendation of an existing member. It’s a closed/private forum and has an outer security lock as well as the user name and password login.
I would probably be banned if I posted it here.

I could post some other quotes from it though without the authors user names being shown.
The original topic was started with the link to the test results of the most popular firewalls.

It went on from there to include likes and dislikes of a few of them including CPF.

A few quotes.

Guess it's time to give comodo a try.

Later from the same member:

Well, after trying comodo for a few days, all I can say is that it is overpriced. It gummed up my system and made everything much slower...and I do mean much slower. Also, despite me telling it to do so, it could not seem to remember that I told it to remember my decision to allow my browser.

I’ve gone back to look n stop. Comodo is not ready for prime time.

Reply to the above quote from another member:

Agreed. I used it for about 8 hours and experienced the same things. Each time I opened a browser it would ask me to allow it. Bad memory. I had no problems removing it from my system and I haven't found any junk left over from it either.

I went back to look n stop also and have not had any issues with it.


After all the talk about Comodo I got curious and had to try it. For the first half hour I was actually very happy with it. Then suddenly It asked permission for a dll. I checked the box so it wouldn't bug me about it again, and I clicked allow.

NO exaggeration, after going thru that at least 30-40 times, it just would not stop asking for the same permission for that same dll.

This turkey doesn’t have a bad memory - It has alzheimer’s!

You get what you pay for! Or at least, you get what it sells for!


I'm running it on a P3 1.2Ghz tualatin with 1.5gb ram. No noticeable slow downs for me. Also when you allow a connection through the firewall, you need to check the boxes for each rule that you want it to remember. When the box pops up, their is often more than one rule, so you need to scroll through each one and check all the boxs if you want the rules to stick.

There are varying degrees of approval and disapproval with CPF. I personally think it’s brilliant.
The odd time it failed to remember the selection I made was probably my fault.
I was originally using Zone Alarm but after trying CPF I would’nt go back to it again.
Thanks for this excellent program.


It is impossible to have maximum protection without an interaction from user.

Hello Stuart,

I can assure you that Comodo comes with no adware of any sort bundled inside, the Launch Pad was removed because users did not like it and it will be removed from the other products such as the Backup program when the next update is released (I believe sometime in 2007). The latest Comodo Antivirus beta (which you can get here on the forums) does not include the Launch Pad, where the older beta (which is at the main Antivirus site) does. Also you may wish to show your friend on the other forum how well Comodo did against THIS TEST compared to other firewalls.