is this codec pack any good link included

HI all check this out is it any good was wondering if i need it beings i got realplayer thanks all god bless.

Good day,

I have not seen this codec package before, I personally use vista codec pack, it also can be used on xp… It is very clean and does not bloat your pc like k-lite codec pack does… I say go for vista codec pack…

Have a nice day!


It’s been downloaded by almost 11m people, Must be alright

What makes you so sure to say that ??? Numbers do not guarantee that you are safe… (:WIN)

still even though it has been d-loaded by that many how do you know it is still on there PC lol. i been looking at that vista codec pack that one looks liter as well. but says its not compatible with Nero below version 8 sadly mine is Nero 6 ultimate. :frowning: means i need to update it before i can use that one.

I have nero 7 and it works fine! I did not encounter any problems…