Is this a normal delay?

After installing CPF, it takes me a few minuter (2-3) to be able to enter the net. It goes like this: I start the IE and no matter what site I try to reach, I get a “server not found” answer. After a short delay, like I said, 2-3 minutes, everything is OK. Any explanation/solution?

What happens if you set CPF’s Computer Security Level to “Allow All”, does this negate the delay in access?

When your PC is booting, closely observe the hard disk activity light. Usually, your desktop appear before all hard disk activity has completed. As we have added an additional startup task (CPF) and this additional task performs a lot of low level activity to ensure that you are protected, a small delay in the overall boot process is to be expected.

Try waiting until all hard disk activity has ceased before starting and internet session. If you still cannot freely access the internet after HDD activity has ceased, please report here.

For reference, on my system (which is definitely not a world ■■■■■■), CPF has caused a slight delay of around a minute. For the sake of a minute, I’d rather be too safe than too sorry.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: