Is this a new world record?

Today I was fixing my friends pc, he said it kept crashing 5 seconds of displaying the desktop.
So I had a look and found that at boot up Limwire would load and start downloading things and there was a Rouge AV “PC Defender” or something of that sort starting to. So I decided to get my Bitdefender Bootable CD out and ran an update and started a scan.

Here are the results
14278 threats found

Sorry about the rubbish picture quality all I had was my phone 2.0MP

It reads “2 threats in 14278 items are still present on you system”

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Personally I would copy and scan those files with CIS first and send only those that CIS misses to Comodo… =)

Anyway lots of baddies there.

Surprising that a computer that infected even works. :-TU :-TU

I Have sent some of them to Comodo, but not all because the big heavy threats it deletes and not quarantines.

I’m surprised too, it now boots up and works fine, but I have suggested he gets a windows repair disk in case anything is damaged