Is this a malware or a false positive detected by comodo antivirus scan?


Today I installed comodo antivirus on a clean computer ( scanned with pctool internet security, super antispyware and malwarebytes and nothing detected) and it deteced a infection in C:\WINDOWS\Installer{ACF60000-22B9-4CE9-98D6- 2CCF359BAC07}_shct_sprint.exe.exe named Heur.Dual.Extensions.

IS this a malware or a false positive? I have quarantined it but I want to know if it is safe. Thanks in advance for your input.

You can submit it here and find out.

Comodo Malware Analysis


Thanks but its hard to do this. Its in WINDOWS/INSTALLER folder but when I search windows there is no installer folder there. I even un-hide important system files but still can not find it. So Now it is in quarantine of comodo and how do I send it in for analysis please? Thanks in advance.

This sounds like malware because of the .exe.exe

This is malware i found this link