Is this a Gameguard removal tool or bad news?

Ok so as some have pointed out gameguard is bad news. Discussion we were having about gameguard…

So I was searching around for something to remove it, cause it has to be manually removed. Well I came across this page

It had this as a removal tool…so my question is, is that what it is? Is this safe and does it remove the gameguard?

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If you remove, disable or any modification the gameguard you’ll unable for login.

However some Bots or cheating program didn’t terminate or modify anything, It’s works by sending packets to trick a game server that’s known GG are running.
But it doesn’t any client running.

Note : GG company are only in Korea that’s develop an anti virus software name nProtect and Ahnlab. And they think they’re best in the world, (try to translate they blogs into your language and you’ll know the truth)

I want to kill Ahnlab Hackshield very much because it’s trying to download a keyboard driver and inject to another process. And If I block it, It’ll bring be a BSoD.

And last I still think GG isn’t a real and usable security apps, And it can’t change my mind that’s GG isn’t safe for gamer and computer users.

Ps. Am I post too long ? That was my confessor.

I wanted to know if this is ok? No one answered whether the program was safe

Can someone please check if the tool is safe.

VirusTotal Result

I didn’t play game that’s run nProtect I won’t use this tool.

And last if you read some advertisement on their site that’s vain and disappointed.

Just because the tool is not detected as being malicious doesn’t mean it is safe to use. It may make changes in the registry and in files that Gameguard altered and the changes may cause other problems. I guess the only way to know if it’s safe is for somebody to actually use it and report the results.