Is this a false positive from comodo or is this app really dangerous??

I was looking for a program to deep clean the temp files and I found one on this site here TFC - Temp File Cleaner by OldTimer Download - Geeks to Go Forum the app was amazing and worked better then expected, plus comodo didn’t say anything so i assumed it was safe. So i looked at the developers other files and found another program that intrigued me OTM OldTimer's Move-It Download - Geeks to Go Forum that program there. It claims to be a program you can use to edit any file. Comodo told me it was malware so I ran it through Comodos malware analysis and this is what it said so is this file really dangerous or is comodo giving me a false positive? Again I have no idea if this program is dangerous I have no intention of breaking any rules if this is indeed malware I am unaware of it. Only a comodo expert should look at this download. Again I am not sure if it is dangerous do not download if you don’t know what you are doing!

Upload the program on

Post the results here

VT & Valkyrie results for the program you have mentioned

Attached is the screenshot of CAV detection

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Hi David,

We’ll check it and get back to you soon.


I would very much doubt any application form Oldtimer would be bad, as he makes one of the best alternatives to Hijackthis - OTL OldTimer’s List-It - which is used by a lot of malware help forums.

By the way thank you for the help on my other thread Radaghast. Never did get the issue resolved but like your signature says. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.


This is to inform you that false-positive has been fixed.
You can update to AV database Version <15930> of Comodo Internet Security
Version<6.0.264710.2708> and confirm it.


Kind Regards,
Erik M.