Is this a Bug??

how’s everybody, and a huge congrats on IceDragon, I didn’t see it coming and what a pleasant surprise it is
but here’s something I found out a bout an hour ago , after updated to the new 14, “localhost” when assigning a proxy didn’t work
so I tried “” , it worked fine, Is this intentional or is it a bug??

i tried the same thing in waterfox (a 64 bit version of firefox) and had the same result so it must be a problem or “feature” of firefox

It’s working fine in Firefox and Palemoon, was also fine before the latest update on IceDragon
, I wish there was a rollback on the installer , so I could go back to 13, or Icedragon in safe mode

Thanx wasgij6

weird must also be a bug in waterfox

and we are using different systems too
I just hope that this post helps someone out there,
I am using 3 different releases Palemoon 3.8, firefox and IceDragon latest …
am Just glad something worked because I started to forget about firefox totally ;D