Is this a bug or a bad configuration? [Resolved]

Hi, I’m a new user of this great firewall.
I’m using v2.4.9.126 beta (downloaded from FileForum) on WinXP Home.

The problem I have can be reproduced as follows:

  1. Login to the PC and connect to the Internet using a DIAL-UP CONNECTION. Everything works fine.
  2. Disconnect from the Internet and don’t reboot the PC.
  3. Reconnect to the Internet using the DIAL-UP CONNECTION. The PC is connected (“svchost.exe” and “system” send/receive packets to/from the ISP) but no application can access the Internet. Also deleting and recreating rules, I couldn’t solve the problem. I must reboot the PC to get the connection to work again.

Is there a solution?

Thank you. :SMLR

PS: I’ve also noticed that, in the bottom-right corner on the main window (where there is the list of the adapters), a new dial-up connection appears (and doesn’t disappear) each time I connect. So, if I connect and disconnect 4 times to/from the Internet, 4 different PPP connections are shown (the active one has a valid IP, the others has a IP).

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I know you’ve seen the other similar topic; hopefully my post there will be relevant to you as well…,4881.msg36019.html#msg36019


Can you please goto Security->Advanced->Application Behavior Analysis and DISABLE “Monitor DNS Queries” option to see if it helps.

Let me know if this was the issue pls.


Disabling the “Monitor DNS Queries” option doesn’t solve the problem. Also setting the protection to “allow all” doesn’t work… :frowning:

I think this isn’t only a DNS query trouble, because, if I try to open in IE/Mozilla a web site by typing directly its IP, the result is the same.

Can you give us the details about your PC pls?

Such as :

  • Modem manifacturer
  • Operating System
  • CPF Version
  • Other security software installed(uninstalled before)
  • Dialup network provider


First, happy 2007! :■■■■

Second, I found the solution!! :BNC

The problem WAS NOT due to Comodo FW, but, as other people say, to Aol Virus Shield (Kaspersky). Now I’ve installed the McAfee corporate I use at work and everything works fine… also internet downloads are faster.

The only thing to do in McAfee is to give full trust to cpfmon.exe to avoid a slow firewall startup.

Thanks everybody for the help

Great, glad to hear you’ve gotten it figured out!

I’ll go ahead and mark this question resolved for others’ benefit.