Is there/will there ever be a fix for cmdguard.sys causing BSODs?

I searched for “cmdguard.sys BSOD” and got many, many search results from other users reporting BSODs from cmdguard.sys on versions of Windows from XP through at least Win 8.1. Many of these threads included replies directing the person to post a bug report. However, I don’t see anything anywhere with regard to the status of this bug or any fix for it. Is there a fix for this available, and if not, when will it be available? CIS is more trouble than it’s worth until this is fixed. I have 20 days left before I have to renew my subscription for CIS Pro, and if I can’t find a way to stop these BSODs, I’ll switch to a different security suite rather than renew and hope you’ll get around to fixing this some day. I’m using ver., and I apply all updates as soon as they’re available.

BSOD are usually/can be system dependant. It can be an incompatibility between specific drivers on your computer. For this reason a bug report is required with a full dump so the developers can determine the cause of the BSOD. Usually BSODs are high on the developers fix list but can be very hard/impossible to fix without the correct information from the user. After a quick look in the bug reporting section i did see a couple BSOD reports maybe try looking through them to see if its the same issue you are having.;msg743135#msg743135

I have sandboxing disabled. Why is cmdguard.sys being loaded at all?

honestly im not sure.

Most likely, it’s not a known issue. Did you check with v10?

Because its the system driver that carries out all the Defense+ functions, not just sandbox, without it you don’t have a security suite.

Hi mbrazil,
We have many bug fixes in CIS v10. Update for v8.4 users coming in first half of April, 2017.

In the mean time you can install v10, which is available on

In case you still see BSOD, we can investigate.

Please let us know results after you have tried v10.


That’s very interesting. Why is it that I’ve never been able to see it listed in the list of active processes? I know it gets loaded once in awhile, because it shows up in the mini dumps when it causes a BSOD, but I’ve never seen it running when I look at active processes. Also, CIS indicates Secure both at the top of it’s main window and in the onscreen widget when cmdguard.sys is not loaded into memory, and the only function I have disabled is sandboxing. Online research indicates that cmdguard.sys is only used for sandboxing, and the properties shown for cmdguard.sys describe it as “COMODO Internet Security Sandbox Driver.”

cmdguard.sys is a file system driver and thus will not show in active processes or in memory. To check its status you can run sc query cmdguard from the command prompt or run msinfo32.exe and expand system environment and then select system drivers, then scroll down to cmdguard. While the description of cmdguard does indicate a sandbox driver, aim4it is correct in saying that it also belongs to the HIPS component a.k.a. Defense+. If cmdguard is not running then you would get an error warning from CIS along the lines of “Comodo HIPS is not functioning correctly.”

But as it has been said before you should try version 10 which you can get the installers from here. Then check to see if you still experience BSoD, which if you do then you can report it as a bug here and make a post using the required bug report format. Along with attaching the generated dumps from the BSOD. Due note you should set Windows to generate a full kernel memory dump instead of the small memory mini dump.