Is there verification to make sure backups are written without errors?

Just installed the program, and am now looking for some indication Backup will tell the user that the backup it creates is, in fact, an exact copy of the files being backed up.

I saw references to a “Test” function in the documentation, but now with the program running I get the impression :-\ that perhaps this only means if a file or files were locked during backup, Backup will tell you they were “skipped.” Am I mistaken?

If “verify” isn’t present, is this function accomplished in some other way, so the user can be assured the backup will restore correctly? If it is present, how/where does the user turn the feature on/off, as provided in many backup utilities?

I was thinking of using CD-RW or CD-MRW for the backup medium, and some say that this is more prone to error than magnetic media, so this is the reason for the question and concern.

On yesterday’s post, I was thinking of a binary compare between the backup and the backed-up file, to make sure they are identical. Still can’t find anything in the documentation to show where it is. While waiting for a reply, I have been looking at the technical specs of .zip files, so will ask another follow-up question.

?Am I correct that the .zip protocol includes a CRC-32 checksum, to show the file was (probably) not corrupted during compression or writing? Does Backup test the file in this way, if not a full binary comparison with the original? Or, does it just check to make sure the filename is there?

Thanks again. I really appreciate that you can tell me this directly, instead of my having to speculate. I do want to make sure the files have been properly written, before they’re needed for a restore. :wink:

I have come across this post,5702.msg42171.html#msg42171 in the Backup forum, that appears to answer my question.

There has been no comment from the Comodo tech support to contradict it, to date … it was posted January 23 of this year, some months ago.

So, based on this, do we then assume that Backup will create backup files, test that the filename is present, but won’t tell the user whether the file has been corrupted, from some compression or media problem, and also won’t tell the user if the backup file compares to the original files without binary error?

Does tech support have any comment as to whether this could potentially cause problems during a restore?