is there something wrong with the forum?

for over a month i have been getting a error when coming to this forum in the left bottom coner of ie6 it says done,but with errors i tryed to attach a scren shot of the error :slight_smile: thanks

[attachment deleted by admin]

Good question, although I’m not having any problems on my side.

Is anyone else having problems like this?

No, because I stopped using IE.

However, I just tried it with IE6 no problems like this. My security settings & advanced options have been tweaked, so that might have something to do with it. lurkingatu2, have you cleared the cache, etc.?

well i used ccleaner and steven goulds cleanup and hostmans flush dns cacha and it’s stell there is there some other cacha? i cant use ff becouse i’m on msn dialup and it’s slow on dialup i like and use opera it’s fast with my dialup but thay update it so much i get tyred of downloading it so often lol also i have 2 pc’s i use my old one most of the time to test stuff with but my new pc is not even a year old and it was happening on it also and the other day i got ie7 on it and it happends with ie7 also i’v been wanting to test v3 but i doin’t know about downloading it with a error on the page so i’v been whating to see if it went away :slight_smile:

Nothing wrong arises here if I use IE7.

All the above said, I have noticed a definite slow down in moving from one screen to another in this forum lately. I use FF on Win XP. Every time I click to move to a new thread or screen, there is a 10-15 second delay while the computer apparently is trying to connect with all the time. I put this entry into my hosts file, but the delay persists. Maybe Eset’s ESS that I’m testing (Beta 2) is the difference? Don’t know. CHUCK