Is there something like CIS for MacOS?

I don’t really like the direction where Microsoft Windows are going, and I’m noticing that decent laptops (at least those running the PRO version of this OS…) are already touching the Macbook price range.

So, the obvious question of a proud “paranoid ■■■■■■■ that I am” :wink: – is there a CIS for MacOS available or in the pipeline (I see there’s antivirus, but I’ve learned to need the software firewall as well)?

Or is there any other similar firewall tool available (along the lines of “nothing connects before I acknowledge it”)?

no :P0l

Being a “paranoid ■■■■■■■”, you should switch to open source, of course. O0 :-TU

I take small steps in that direction.
But that particular phrase was actually a pun on… well, some leaks from a few years ago. :wink:

Good luck with your steps. :slight_smile:

I switched from Windows to Ubuntu ten years ago.

Before that, I actually considered a computer with a fruit on it :o, but then I learned more about the company behind the fruit and the shiny surface.

Also, the fruit has gone beyond exaggeration with prices… :o

So if I recycle my original question: How is the current “personal firewall” situation in the linux-land nowadays? I know there were several GUI and user-friendly front-ends for iptables available. But you still had to set all the rules up in advance. Is there any tool available that also asks you each time some process wants to connect somewhere undefined (like with Comodo on Windows)?

I have Gufw, and have set it up to block all incoming and allow all outgoing connections. It can also be used in a more advanced way, as described in the documentation I linked to.